Nutritionist In Columbus, GA

If dieting doesn’t work, then why would you go to a nutritionist in Columbus, GA? It’s because a nutritionist doesn’t give you a diet, but instead helps you learn how to eat healthier. The main differences between dieting and eating healthier is that dieting leaves you feeling deprived and always ends. Sometimes, the ending involves a dozen donuts or a pint of ice cream at midnight. Sometimes, it just means you accomplished your goal. Then you go back to your normal eating pattern or even eat more because of the deprivation you felt. That’s when you regain all the weight you lost and sometimes more.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love.

Eating healthy simply means making smarter decisions when it comes to food and paying attention to portion control. Instead of putting a dollop of sour cream on your baked potato, you’ll use a dollop of Greek yogurt that is lower in calories and has more nutritional value. Brown rice or wild rice is a great substitution for white rice and again, it has more nutrition and fewer calories. While the difference is small, it all adds up to big rewards. You’ll learn to have healthy snacks available, so you won’t want to grab a candy bar or other unhealthy treat instead. You’ll still be able to eat all your favorite foods, just not as often and watching portion size.

Some nutritionists are also personal trainers.

You get a double benefit when you work with a nutritionist that’s also a personal trainer. Not only will you learn to eat healthier, you’ll learn exercises that will help you reach your goals faster, no matter what they are. If you want to lose weight, combining exercise with healthy eating helps it occur faster. If you want to get into shape and be healthier, exercise should always be part of the program.

When you workout with a trainer, you’ll also get a personalized exercise program.

Learning to eat healthier is a personal process. Not everyone has the same tastes or can tolerate the same foods. The same is true about exercise. Not everyone needs the same repetitions, type of exercise or intensity. That’s why a trainer that’s also a nutritionist designs a program created for your fitness level, needs and goals.

When you workout with a personal trainer and learn to eat healthy, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you achieve your goals. Trainers have the education to help you achieve your goals faster.

Working out and eating healthy not only provides benefits to help you get into shape and lose weight, it also helps reduce the risk of serious diseases and conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

You’ll not only take weight off quickly, a program of regular exercise and a healthy diet keeps weight off permanently. You’ll never have to diet again.

Working out is a stress buster. It helps burns off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to hard to remove abdominal fat.