Total Weight Loss & Fitness Training Studio.

“Simply the Fastest way to lose weight.”

We offer:

  • Personal Training
  • Private Training
  • Nutrition Guidance

Training Services Quality and Effective Fitness Training. At Total Definition we offer unique, small, semi-private, group fitness programs which include: Total Definition’s Cardio Blast, Total Definition’s glute, abs and leg tightening, toning, body sculpting workouts and much more.

At Total Definition we offer a training style called HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training). It’s an interval workout consisting of strength, cardio and core work. Each exercise in each category last 3 rounds and the full circuit is repeated until you hit 30mins, there is no recovery. To finish off the workout you complete a fat burning cardio session.

This type of training is the secret to faster fat loss is the EPOC – AFTER BURN Rates: The average semi-private training rate ranges from $29 – $33! Rates vary based on membership type. We prefer to help more people at lower rates, rather than fewer people at higher rates! Depending on your fitness goals, exercise experience, health history, and commitment level, we will recommend the appropriate training program.